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Online Gaming: The Law Offices of John K. Maloney can help structure your business to meet the ever changing online gaming regulatory environment; review your business plan and draft legal opinion demonstrating the legality of your business; navigate the challenges of gaming on handheld devices; and prepare and implement compliance plans, terms and conditions and user agreements.

Nevada Non-Restricted Licensing: The non-restricted licensing application review is extremely comprehensive and demanding. In order to help an applicant navigate through this demanding exercise, an intricate understanding of the licensing process is required. A proactive approach coupled with years of experience as a gaming regulator and gaming law attorney is the key to saving time, alleviating anguish, reducing expense and having a successful outcome.

Nevada Restricted Licensing: Nevada's rigorous license process serves to protect the integrity of the gaming industry. In Nevada, there is a streamlined process for applying for a restricted license covering up to 15 slot machine operations in Sports Bars, Retail Stores & Gas Stations.

California Cardroom Licensing: Operating a card room can expose casino owners, tribal authorities and management companies to legal risks. Although they are among the most profitable gaming centers of any casino gambling operation, they are also the areas that are under the closest investigation for violations of federal, state and tribal regulations. The Law Offices of John K. Maloney can advise you with all legal issues related to starting of expanding a card room operation.

International Gaming Licensing: Are you an international business considering expanding your gaming operations into other markets? The Law Offices of John K. Maloney can assist your international business with expanding its gaming operations into other market. Our extensive experience in all legal matters relating to North American casino regulations and international gaming laws throughout Asia, Europe and Central America.

Tribal Licensing: Although the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) generally governs the business activities of tribal gaming operations, there are still differences that occur between states. Many vendors who have successfully done business with tribal casinos in one state fail to recognize that procedures and regulatory schemes are different for another tribe in another state. Mr. Maloney's experienced insight and knowledge of the tribal gaming regulatory system throughout the country will clear up the confusion you may be experiencing.

Casino Employee Work Cards: Casino employee licenses aren't automatically issued. Work card applications are often denied, leading to unexpected delays and employer expenses. The Law Offices of John K. Maloney can help by advising and assisting you with the background requirements and application process.

Licensing Appeals: If your application has been denied, The Law Offices of John K. Maloney can represent you in an administrative appeal or in license revocation proceedings.
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