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Compliance Plans: The Law Offices of John K. Maloney can assist your corporate entity with establishing a regulatory compliance plan that not only creates a desirable hallmark of corporate transparency, but also promotes goodwill and attests to credibility on your behalf. A comprehensive compliance plan is a proactive measure and sends a positive message to gaming regulators.

Regulatory Violations: If your corporate entity or tribe is facing a serious charge of regulatory noncompliance, you could expose your operations to a fine or suspension in any jurisdiction. The Law Offices of John K. Maloney can advise you and aggressively represent your interests if you are facing regulatory violations.

Anti-Money Laundering Compliance: A robust anti-money laundering program is essential in the highly regulated gaming environment. The Law Offices of John K. Maloney can identify the risk areas that your operation may face and design an anti-money laundering program specific to your business model.

Internal Controls: The majority of gaming regulations and laws require robust internal controls and procedures for their licensees. A well designed internal control program will ensure that you are in full compliance with the applicable laws.
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